Little Women with North Shore Theatre Company


I am thrilled to be Musical Director for North Shore Theatre Company’s production of Little Women, with an utterly phenomenal cast!

Showing at the independent Theatre, North Sydney from Friday 20/04/18 – Saturday 28/04/18. Tickets are available from:

PhD Complete!

Finally, after four and a half years drawing my attention away from performing and composing matters I am pleased to announce my doctorate is complete! Conferral is in less than one week, at a horrendously early hour of the morning. I am quite pleased the opening phrase remained in the dissertation title below. It came to me in an epiphany driving home one day, as most epiphanies do.

With a few projects lined up for next year, I hope to gain some semblance of creative outletting once more. Re-learn how to press piano buttons in particular orders, et al.


The Finished Product!

Recent Premieres

Two recent premieres I have had the pleasure of being involved in:

Most recently on the 20th of February, Diana Tolmie and I performed and recorded Thomas Green’s fantastic Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano, a very energetic work full of dramatic flair and rhythmic vitality. Hopefully a recording from the studio will soon become available.

The second premiere was the result of a collaboration between The Australian Voices and Collusion of my own piece:

O Gott! Ich Bin Nicht Sicher, von Deutsch Satzbau (2015) Op.21 – For SATB Choir, String Quartet and Piano


Quite a tongue-in-cheek work combining influences from the chorales of Bach, Grainger and various other eclectic sources. I aim to get around to producing a proper analysis of the work.