La Profanation d'Apollo
La Profanation d’Apollo (2018) Oil on Canvas


Max and Pam (2014) Oil on Canvas
Max Olding and Pamela Page (2014) Oil on Canvas


Swiss Landscape. (2010) Oil on Canvas
Fauvist Alsatian (2011) Oil on Canvas
Parkland Series No.1 (2008) Oil on Canvas
House of the Seven Gables (2010) Ink on Canvas
London, Thames Landscape after Kokoshka (2007) Pencil
Bus Stop (2011) Graphite
Ella Grainger (2010) Graphite
Instrument Abstract (2007) Oil on Canvas
Violin (2011) Graphite
Well Tempered Cavalier (Stewart Kelly) (2010) Oil on Canvas
Glenn Gould (2009) Graphite
David Law (2011) Graphite
Wagner (2007) Oil on Canvas
Nadya (2012) Graphite

2 comments on “Artworks

  1. Scriptor Obscura

    Wow. You are an amazing artist. This is amazing work. Wow. The detail and quality of these pieces is just amazing. Wow! 😀

  2. Scriptor Obscura

    Incredible work. Rivals the masters! And thank you for subscribing to my blog, by the way. 🙂

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