PhD Complete!

Finally, after four and a half years drawing my attention away from performing and composing matters I am pleased to announce my doctorate is complete! Conferral is in less than one week, at a horrendously early hour of the morning. I am quite pleased the opening phrase remained in the dissertation title below. It came to me in an epiphany driving home one day, as most epiphanies do.

With a few projects lined up for next year, I hope to gain some semblance of creative outletting once more. Re-learn how to press piano buttons in particular orders, et al.


The Finished Product!


Upcoming Things!

The premiere of my new ballet score Annealed Cyan Malt will take place August 17-20th at the Judith Wright Centre as the dance work Refraction. Also in the program are works by Nigel Westlake, Carl Vine and Catherine Likhuta.


Recent Premieres

Two recent premieres I have had the pleasure of being involved in:

Most recently on the 20th of February, Diana Tolmie and I performed and recorded Thomas Green’s fantastic Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano, a very energetic work full of dramatic flair and rhythmic vitality. Hopefully a recording from the studio will soon become available.

The second premiere was the result of a collaboration between The Australian Voices and Collusion of my own piece:

O Gott! Ich Bin Nicht Sicher, von Deutsch Satzbau (2015) Op.21 – For SATB Choir, String Quartet and Piano


Quite a tongue-in-cheek work combining influences from the chorales of Bach, Grainger and various other eclectic sources. I aim to get around to producing a proper analysis of the work.